Treasured Memories and Recollections, $10

Contents of Auburntown Treasured Memories and Recollections
My Grandfathers’ Blacksmith Shop, Eleanor Nichols Bell
From Auburntown to New Mexico, Charles B. Black
Growing Up in Cooper Hollow, Joy Cooper Crocker
Home from Texas, Elizabeth Davenport
Daughtery School, Jewell Patterson Dale
Memories of Auburn School, Jewell Patterson Dale
A Few Years Ago At Sanders Fork School, Joe D. Davenport
Coach, Milan Davenport
A History of the Auburntown Church of Christ, David M. Dunn
Auburntown Remembered, Wayne Duggin
Memorable Preachers, Auburn Baptist Church, Sarah H. Gaither
Childhood Memories are Built around Sports, Winfred C. Gaither
My Sanders Fork Heritage, Scarlett Duggin Griffith
Life on the Farm, Mary Hughes
Memory Soup, Judy Nichols Johnson
Celtics at Auburntown, Greg Kennedy
Basketball in the ‘50s, Mary Jones Kelly
A Story about My Grandfather, Susie Kennedy
Riding the School Bus, Connie Shirley Leyhew
Our Town, Our Farm, Our Home, Virginia McCullough
Auburn Baptist Church, Donna Gaither Nichols
Perspectives, William Edward Nichols
Literary Societies at Auburn School and Auburn in the '30s, Ward Lane Odom
The Blessings of Attending a Small School, Annette (Turney) Reed
Memories of Auburn School, Lillie Dale Willard

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