If you have moved away...

What is the one thing you miss most about Auburn? Tell us where you lived, when you lived here and where you are now if you want.

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Barbara Jones said...

It's been quite a while since I moved away from Auburntown and I remember it fondly. The best of my childhood was spent there. I miss Red Apple Days and the playground behind the elementary school.

I am curious about the old McKnight House, the one across from the fire department just across the bridge. I know it has changed owners many times over the years and as I recall it was rumored to be haunted. I would love to know some history about the house, the family that built it, and if it is currently being lived in.

I would love to investigate the property with a group of my friends sometime and take pictures of it, and perhaps debunk the old ghost stories. Maybe even get some proof that they are true?

My maiden name was James. Danny Nichols probably remembers my Dad, Earl James. I can be contacted easily by sending a mail to lilydane@hotmail.com just put Auburntown in the sugject line.