Foundry in Cannon County?

Does anyone know of a foundry in Cannon County? Perhaps in Woodbury? A friend of mine has a nutcracker that was supposedly made in Cannon County at a foundry here and is trying to learn more about the history of this foundry. I will appreciate hearing from anyone that might know more about such a business.

Best Regards, Danny Nichols

Auburntown, Tennessee: Treasured Memories and Recollections, 2008 Edition

The Auburntown Historical Society is now offering its new publication, Treasured Memories and Recollections, 2008 Edition, a follow-up to a similar, successful project completed last year.

The book, which sells for $10, can be ordered by mail by sending a check or money order for $13 to the Auburntown Historical Society, P.O. Box 114, Auburntown, TN 37016.

Danny Nichols, Auburntown Historical Society president, said that a limited number of copies were printed, meaning that no more will be available when this edition is sold out.

The 48-page book contains two dozen stories and numerous photos, all highlighting the memories of living individuals connected to Auburntown.

For a list of contents and other information about the society's activities, see below.