2009 Treasured Recipes and Recollections

For the 2009 Treasured Memories edition, the Auburntown Historical Society is seeking recipe-related memories intertwined with Auburntown families, places or events? The AHS will entitle the next edition, "Treasured Recipes and Recollections."

"Of course we want food recipes, but we are looking for recipes for old-time remedies and home and farm concoctions too," said AHS President Danny Nichols. "The most important consideration for those desiring to submit recipes is whether they can tell a story, even a short one that shares a memory from Auburntown."

Nichols explained that because so many memories are linked with the taste and smell of food, society members thought the 2009 issue of their Treasured Memories series that began in 2007 should be dedicated to this important aspect of family and social life. The AHS is interested in receiving recipes with family, church, eating establishment, school or club connections. This may be a dish served at
Auburn High School, a special dessert families shared during the holidays, a recipe introduced by the Home Demonstration Club or a favorite at church suppers.

"Just as long as sharing the recipe is coupled with sharing the story of why it's important to you," Nichols said. In addition to food, the Society is expecting that recipes for old-time remedies will be submitted, too.

Submissions should be E-mailed if at all possible to auburntownhistoricalsociety@gmail.com. However, recipes and stories may be mailed to the Auburntown Historical Society, PO Box 114,
Auburntown, TN. 37016. Deadline for submission is Feb. 28, 2009.

"The holiday season is a wonderful time to recall stories and record family recipes to share in the fundraising publication," Nichols noted.

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