AHS Recipe Book Big Seller

We have sold almost 300 copies of this book. We have reprinted twice. This is the last chance to buy one of the 15 left.
Send $12 for book and $4 for postage per book, and we will send the book to you. We had an order from Iraq and sent it to a soldier's wife!
Treasured Recipes and Recollections is more than a cookbook

Treasured Recipes and Recollections, the Auburntown Historical Society’s new publication, sold out during the first few hours of Red Apple Day weekend in Auburntown.
“There are approximately 200 recipes and stories, numerous photos and plenty of good memories submitted by people associated with our community,” said Danny Nichols, president of the Auburntown Historical Society and editor of the cookbook. “We wanted this to be more than a cookbook. We wanted it to reflect how food, especially the preparation and enjoyment of it, is so intertwined with our history.”
The call for recipes resulted in a 112-page, spiral bound book created exclusively by AHS members. Nichols and AHS treasurer Mary Hughes collected and prepared the recipes, photographs and stories. Society member Claudia Nichols created and executed the original design for the publication, laying out each individual page to present the recipes most attractively.
“This is a keepsake,” said Danny Nichols. “It is beautifully presented and filled with recipes and photographs that made my mouth water as I edited it.”
The book is divided into five categories: main dishes, side dishes, breads, sweets and misc. There are recipes for many Southern favorites and numerous family specialties. Some Auburn School cafeteria recipes were contributed, and the Auburntown Baptist Church Vacation Bible School ice cream recipes used annually are shared. Instructions for preparing old-time foods such as souse, hominy, mutton, barnyard chicken, minced meat pie (with real meat), groundhog dumplings, poke salat, squirrel and barbequed rabbit are among the more interesting presented.
Hughes worked diligently to type recipes from original recipe books and recipe cards by many of Auburn’s past notable cooks.
“We certainly want to thank those who shared these types of recipe collections,” Nichols said. “They enhanced the value of the book greatly.”
Hughes pointed out that there are also tips on gardening and canning, home remedies, soap making, as well as recipes commonly used from throughout any small community along with several more modern favorites.
“With a full-color cover and the easy-to-read 8½x11” format, the recipe collection will make excellent gifts for future brides or out-of-towners with Auburn connections,” Nichols suggested.
The book sells for $12 if picked up and $15 if the Society ships it.
Nichols said that only 150 of the books were printed, and all sold out by 7:30 p.m. on July 31. He emphasized that if anyone wants to purchase one, they should prepay for the books by mailing a check to the Society at Box 114, Auburntown, Tenn. 37016, no later that Aug. 8, 2009.
“We will not be ordering any more books,” he said, adding, “This third in our annual “Recollections” series will possibly be our final edition before we begin work on a comprehensive history of Auburntown. Proceeds from these smaller books are seed money for the larger project.”