Dr. Calvin Dickinson

Dr. Calvin Dickinson's presentation to the AHS brought some events of the Civil War in Tennessee to life for a group of more than 30 on March 17.
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Anonymous said...

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Charles Ingalls said...

I used to live in Auburntown
53 years ago. We moved to
Charlottesville,Va when I was
16. My grandfather was Culley
Fletcher, Bobby Fletcher is my
2rd cousin. I lived on Marshal
Creek Rd. I went to Auburn School.
I came down for visit a few
years ago and was really shocked.
They had put a by pass around
Auburntown and I assume it killed
all the business. Very shocked!!
I enjoyed going to the little
restaurant that used be ran by
Pat. I remember Thomas Earl Jones
store and the peddling truck. I lived on Joe Turneys place. My grandfather Culley and J.D. and
Buford worked for Mr Turner.
Its heart breaking to see the I place
lived and worked and went to school
go total down the drain.
Charles Glenn Ingalls Troy, Va